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Repair and Installation of Furnaces and Heat Pumps

When furnace isn’t working properly and leaves you with chilly water call LA HVAC Techs & Plumbers at (424) 298-7848 for replacement, installation or repair of furnaces in Los Angeles area and Glendale, CA. Our skilled technicians will replace or repair your heat pump as well.

Furnace repair in Los AngelesFurnaces and heat pumps are used regularly in Los Angeles to keep its residents warm. We should know as our technicians get called to install or repair both pretty often. While it’s obvious that even people in sunny California have a need to keep themselves warm during the winter, the difference between a furnace and a heat pump is not that obvious.

Trust Us to Install Your Home’s Furnace

Furnaces and heat pumps operate in two different ways. Furnaces work by using fuel to heat up air which is then usually pushed away from the heating unit and into a system of ducts. The types of fuel that are most commonly used to achieve the heating effect are natural gas and electricity. Heat pumps, on the other hand, rely on the same process our refrigerators use, but carried out in reverse. While refrigerators take the coldness out of the surrounding, hotter air and transfer it inside the fridge to keep it cold, a heat pump does the exact opposite – it uses the colder outside air to draw heat from it, and then transfer it inside. Heat pumps achieve this by use of a refrigerant and electricity.

Out technicians are well aware of how furnaces and heat pumps work, so they also know that in some cases, it might be better to choose one over the other – like if electricity is cheap enough to make heat pump less expensive than a furnace. But whichever of the two you want to install in your home, you can rest assured that our technicians will know how to install it properly.

Furnace and Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance Service in Los Angeles Area

Furnaces and heat pumps also need to be maintained regularly. Things like low refrigerant levels in heat pumps or bent air fans in furnaces can severely decrease the efficiency of the whole heating system. Because gas furnaces use combustion to heat up air, they also pose a risk from carbon monoxide poisoning if they’re not vented properly and push carbon monoxide into the ductwork along with hot air. But you needn’t worry about that, as you can trust our technicians to make your gas furnace safe as houses.

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