Air Conditioning

Los Angeles Air Conditioning Services

Cooling and A/C RepairIt might seem sometimes that life in Los Angeles would not be possible if we didn’t use air conditioning systems to ward off the heat during the hot summer days. We’ve grown accustomed to having the temperature in our rooms just right – a little bit warmer that the outside temperature in the winter, and a little bit colder that the outside temperature in the summer. We rely on our air conditioning systems to keep it that way. These air conditioning systems need to be properly installed, maintained, and tuned up, so they can do their job. In the Los Angeles area, air conditioning installation and maintenance are our jobs.

Air Conditioning Installation

Installing an air conditioning system, in Los Angeles or anywhere else, is not something you should be doing on your own. Air conditioning installation gets complicated even before the actual installation begins. The first step usually includes estimating the type and the size of an air conditioner unit that will suffice to heat up and cool down the whole apartment or house. During this process, out technicians would assess the size of the space, square footage of windows, the overall insulation and how well are possible leak points sealed, the air flow layout of the house and how much direct sunlight does it get.

After all of these conditions are taken into account, our technicians will work with you in choosing the right type of air conditioning for your home, and the right size of the AC units. How hard and ultimately expensive the installation process will be depends on the existing air conditioning infrastructure – whether the space already has ducts or not – and the type and strength of air conditioning you choose. You can rest assured, however, that our technicians are up for any challenge, and will always give you a very competitive price for air conditioning installation in Los Angeles.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

If an air conditioning unit isn’t maintained regularly, it starts to underperform right to the point when it breaks down. Air conditioning filters, for example, get clogged over time, and that can decrease the efficiency of the system by up to 15%. Airflow obstruction is only one of the things that put an unnecessary strain on an air conditioning system – the air conditioner’s condenser and evaporator coils will also get dirty with use, which decreases their efficiency. Coil fins are easy to bend and can cause an obstruction of air flow. Condensate drains can get clogged and prevent the air conditioner from reducing humidity.

For all of these and many more, a regular checkup of all air conditioning systems is not just an option – it’s a measure that’s absolutely necessary for the health of an air conditioning system. Our technicians can keep your AC systems healthy through regular maintenance, but they can also step in when maintenance doesn’t suffice and repair your air conditioning systems when they start giving you real trouble.

Air Conditioner Tune Up / AC Tune UP

Air conditioners can be some of the biggest and most important investments we make in our homes. That’s why we should do everything in our power not only to help them last as long as possible but also to make sure they are doing their job the way they are supposed to. This is especially important before the season when we expect our air conditioning systems to work the most, and in Los Angeles air conditioners work the most during the summer. So a springtime tune-up is a great way to make sure that an AC system will be able to get through the whole summer without any problems.

Air conditioner tune-ups, the way our technicians do them, are designed to check every single part of an AC system and see whether it needs tweaking so that the system could perform at its optimum. Our technicians will examine electrical connections, check coolant levels, test voltages, examine the coils, test and calibrate the thermostat if needed, examine the blower wheel, and perform all of the other things – and there’s plenty of them – that will make sure your AC is in battle-ready condition for the next heat wave.

Air Conditioning Equipment Installation and Repair

Depending on the circumstances, we sometimes need to take additional steps to ensure the air we breathe in is clean. We might have allergies that could flare up because of airborne contaminants. We might live near a facility that pollutes the air we breathe. There might be mold in our homes, causing various health issues. For whatever reason, if you’re in Los Angeles you can count on us to help you make the air you breathe cleaner, and install any additional equipment your AC system doesn’t already have.

Air cleaners are designed to remove airborne particles so that you wouldn’t have to breathe them in. Air scrubbers do a similar thing, but they remove gasses and chemicals from the air. Air filters can be used for both removing particles and chemicals from air depending on their type. Air conditioning filters are integrated into your AC systems, and they prevent particles from entering the system and being spread around. Thermostats will tell you what the temperature in the room is, and let you know whether you need to crank up the AC system.

Additional Cooling and Heating Services

Of course, our technicians can do all of the installation, maintenance and repairs your air conditioning system requires, but they can also perform additional services depending on your cooling and heating needs. The ducts through which the air travels from the AC unit to the rooms in your home need to be periodically cleaned and sealed if they are leaking. Air filtration, in this day and age, is not a luxury – it’s a necessity if we want to ensure the air we breathe is clean. Air balancing is a necessary process through which our technicians determine how well the air conditioning system is performing. Home zoning, dividing the home into separate air conditioning zones, is a very useful way of keeping the costs of air conditioning to their minimum without losing any comfort. And if there’s a need for ductless air conditioning systems to be installed, our technicians will be there to do the necessary work.