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Air Conditioner Tune Up

Find peace of mind with an los angeles a/c tune-up service by LA HVAC Techs & Plumbers. We’ll make sure your air conditioning unit is operating properly, diagnose and make necessary basic repairs before they become huge problems. Call us today at (424) 298-7848 to know more about our check-up process.

A/C Tune Up in Los AngelesPeople love their air conditioning units, especially in places like Los Angeles where it tends to get pretty hot during the summer. AC-s are the workhorses that keep us from boiling during the hottest days, and as such are well deserving of all the attention that could be given to them. If we neglect our air conditioning systems, they will become less efficient, perform worse, and eventually break down. To prevent this from happening, any air conditioning system needs to be inspected regularly in a process that’s usually called a tune-up.


Why get an A/C Tune-up?

Here are a few simple reasons why everyone should get a tune-up:

  • Prolongs Life of System
  • Saves Money on Your Utility Bills
  • Prevents Costly Repairs
  • Is Required By Manufacturers For Parts To Be Covered Under Warranty
  • Avoid Breakdowns
  • Peace of Mind
  • Prevent Water, Electrical Damage, Fires, and Health Issues
  • To Make Sure Your System Is Running Efficiently And Safely!

Trust A/C Tune-Up in Los Angeles Area to LA HVAC Techs and Plumbers

Air conditioning tune-up is more than just maintenance, even though the two share some similarities, such as that the AC should be checked for dirt during both. A tune-up involves a more in-depth look at the state of an air conditioning system, with the purpose of getting information that will help our technicians tune up the system so that it performs as good as it should.

When our technicians come to your house to perform an air conditioning tune-up, you can expect them to look at everything that has anything to do with the AC. They will check the thermostat to see if it needs calibrating, and they will also check the AC controls to see whether they are performing as they should. They will perform an inspection of the duct line and clean it if needed. They will perform an inspection of the condenser and evaporator coils and clean them if they are accessible. They will examine all the electrical contacts and repair them if needed, and check all of the filters that are used in the air conditioning system and clean or replace them. They will check the coolant levels, and will replenish them if necessary.

By the time our technicians are done with your air conditioning, it should be performing as well as it did on the day you first got it, maybe even better. Air conditioning tune-ups are performed to increase efficiency and useful life of your AC, and our technicians are the masters of the craft of AC tuning up.

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